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Sat 21 Jul 2007

SLEEP (peer-reviewed journal published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine)

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Review of Paradox Lost: Midnight in the Battleground of Sleep and Dreams

By Carlos H. Schenck, Extreme-Nights, LLC, 2005, ISBN 0-97637-340-8

Bradley V. Vaughn, MD

Department generic levitra cialis Neurology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

THIS BOOK buy viagra levitra alternative lavitra AN UNIQUE COLLECTION OF ACCOUNTSFROM PATIENTS WITH NOCTURNAL EVENTS RANGING FROM THE VIOLENT DREAM ENACTMENT OF REM sleep behavior disorder and sleep terrors to sleep generic levitra cialis eating and sex. With a style of more classical writings, this detailed collection promotes an insight into the real life aspects of caring for individuals with buy viagra levitra alternative lavitra nighttime events not seen in other current texts of clinical medicine. The style lends itself to expanding the target audience buy viagra levitra alternative lavitra those in sleep medicine, potentially appealing to patients and families. Included with the interviews, Dr. Schenck introduces opinions and insights that go beyond the typical sleep medicine passages and that demonstrate his understanding and compassion for the complexities faced by these patients and their families.

In the first chapters, the author reviews the classical features of the parasomnias, detailed in the standard classification of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders, Second Edition Generic levitra cialis : (1). He also provides a level of subtext that demonstrates how many of Information levitra : these events may cross over these traditional lines and how many may dive into the nature of consciousness. Following the review, the next chapters cover 26 case stories of REM Generic levitra cialis, sleep related events and 25 individuals with NREM parasomnias. These stories are the real pearl of the book, and Schenck exquisitely lays out the details of the events and their effects upon the family. Information levitra, Patients recount their remembrances and the consequences of their disorder with the clarity that is rarely seen at the first clinic visit.

Patients also discuss their feelings and fears related to the events and review how the treatment of the events changes their lives. As with any good history of paroxysmal events, the bed partnerÝs buy viagra levitra alternative lavitra and reactions are written in parallel to the patient's story. Many of the interviews have polysomnographic data and clinical follow-ups that provide a better look at the long-term care process. This powerful dynamic provides the reader with an instant ability to grasp the magnitude of these events, elevating parasomnias beyond simple cocktail conversation. Further stories of sleep related eating, nocturnal dissociation, and abnormal sleep buy viagra levitra alternative lavitra provide additional insight into the range of these events.

To round Generic levitra cialis, out the story experience, the book includes a later chapter on pet-related parasomnias. Many scientists search for animal models, but these stories bring a more family approach to these interesting animal parasomnia events. In addition the book discusses the several interactions of humans with parasomnias and their pets, showing us how well our furry friends know us.

The last several chapters review the medical legal issues and what to Generic levitra cialis : do if you know someone with a parasomnia. Dr. Schenck comprehensively outlines the key features generic levitra cialis the case from Ontario of Kenneth Parks. Mr. Parks drove 14 miles to kill his beloved mother-in-law and was cleared by the court. Through this Information levitra : process, the author demonstrates how we, as sleep experts, truly need to be ýfriends of the courtţ in deciphering the complexities of these difficult cases. He goes on to Generic levitra cialis : include excerpts from a lawyer describing the difficulties of delineating voluntary versus Generic levitra cialis, involuntary acts. This last section completes the reader's understanding the total impact of nocturnal events and their implications for society.

Throughout the book Schenck weaves a careful story of compassion and appreciation buy viagra levitra alternative lavitra the journeys these patients have endured while also setting a high standard of care for us buy viagra levitra alternative lavitra promote. His message is clear: that the art of good history taking, open mindedness, and dedicated investigation allow one to see beyond the dogma of our current understanding. For anyone in the sleep field, this book can provide a wealth of Information levitra, practical experience that one can only gain from decades of practice. For those of us ardently trying to decipher the intricacies of parasomnias, this book will generic levitra cialis a classic.


  1. ICSD—international classification of sleep disorders: diagnostic and coding manual. 2nd ed. Westchester, IL: American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 2005.

SLEEP, Vol. 29, No. 12, 2006, page 1649, Book Review—Vaughn

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