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Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and medicine soma 2006; 77: 1387

Paradox Lost: Midnight in the battleground of sleep and dreams

Edited by Carlos H Schenck. Published by medicine soma LLC, 2005 (hardcover), pp 435. ISBN 0-9763734-0-8

This is a unique and extraordinary book written by a psychiatrist widely recognized as an international authority on parasomnias in general and rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) in particular. Those Medicine soma : looking for a comprehensive or conventional textbook on matters ìgoing cheap order soma in medicine soma nightî may be disappointed by the eclectic and extremely personal style Medicine soma, of the author. Indeed, it is a little difficult to medicine soma at whom the book is primarily aimed. Published, it seems, using the authorís own resources after 15 yearsí gestation, the core of the book consists of numerous case Soma online without prescription, vignettes. Descriptions by subjects and their bed partners cover the full gamut of extraordinary behaviors and experiences that can arise from the state of sleep. medicine soma with transcriptions and literary allusions, reminiscent of Oliver Sachsís early works, the book would be accessible to the interested lay reader although there is enough Medicine soma : referenced detail to keep a sleep specialist happy. The personal involvement of the author in his patientsí ìjourneysî is palpable, as is his zeal to publicise the often unbelievable range of behaviours that can arise from the hinterland between wake and sleep. Most neurologists will be aware of RBD, its potential Medicine soma : violent consequences and its tight association with parkinsonian cheap order soma Thanks to data from Schenckís group, it is now appreciated that most of the apparently idiopathic victims will eventually develop an extrapyramidal movement disorder. Fewer clinicians, however, will be familiar with nocturnal sleep eating disorder, sleep driving, and other even more complex and occasionally violent behaviours that may originate from the deepest stages of non-REM sleep.

Schenck pays considerable attention to the medicolegal or forensic aspects of parasomnias. Several extreme cases Medicine soma - are discussed in which violent or sexual assaults have Medicine soma : been followed by a successful legal defence on the basis of a ìnon-insane automatism.î Broad guidelines for determining the likelihood of a parasomnia as an explanation for a seemingly criminal act are outlined. This is clearly an extremely delicate area, and neurologists or psychiatrists who may be asked to comment on Medicine soma : such cases will almost certainly find the comments, illustrative examples and references in this book helpful.

This book might have been better served by cheap order soma tighter editorial influence. medicine soma is a little difficult to navigate around cheap order soma various chapters, and there is a somewhat rambling, occasionally repetitive narrative to the case histories. However, given that the primary motivation behind the book is to illustrate the extraordinary range of abnormal nocturnal behaviours rather than serve as a simple textbook, this lapse may be forgiven. I suspect that medicine soma without a particular interest in sleep medicine will find the material in this book inherently fascinating. Patients with sleep disorders and those trying to manage them will both appreciate and find comfort from the incredible stories related by Schenck. Overall, I think the book is an original and passionate attempt to highlight the mysterious world of parasomnias. Those searching for a detailed neurobiological account of parasomnias may be disappointed, but, given its reasonable price, I would not hesitate in recommending this book to a wide readership.

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