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Tue 15 Apr 2008


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On Oprah, non prescription phentermine 37.5 was the sleep expert invited to explain the common conditions of Night Terrors and Sleep-Eating that affect millions of American adults, adolescents and children. I analyzed and clarified the sleep histories and sleep laboratory findings of four non prescription phentermine 37.5 who have suffered from these conditions for years, with major negative impacts Phentermine online consult, on their lives both night and day--and with major negative impacts on their spouses. They were all desperate to get answers and to get the proper professional help to put an end to their misery. They all wanted to reclaim normal, non prescription phentermine 37.5 sleep without screaming and eating and thrashing around during the night, bothering the sleep of their spouses, and then waking up feeling wiped out and be out-of-sorts throughout the day.

Segments from my DVD documentary film Sleep phentermine online consult ( were broadcast and credited on the Oprah program, and my second book SLEEP (published by Avery/Penguin Press) was also promoted, with a close-up shot of the cover. Go to the website to view this program and to read pertinent information, and go non prescription phentermine 37.5 on-line discussions stimulated by this program.

My first book, "Paradox Lost: Midnight in the Battleground of Sleep and Phentermine canada, Dreams" that is available exclusively non prescription phentermine 37.5 this website contains stories told first-hand by 25 of my patients with Night Terrors (and Sleepwalking), and stories told by 8 of my patients with Sleep-Eating (along with vignettes about other sleep-eating patients). The relief obtained from successful treatment is a highlight of many of these stories.

On ABC-Nightline, the topic of Parasomnias (the sleep behavioral disorders) was covered, phentermine online consult a Phentermine online consult : patient of mine being featured who had longstanding problems with Sleepwalking and with Sleep Apnea (snoring, disrupted sleep and feeling tired in the morning). It turns out that about 50% of this man's Sleepwalking was driven by his Sleep Apnea, and once he was diagnosed at our sleep center and therapy with the phentermine online consult mask was started, then he went from having Sleepwalking 5 nights a week phentermine online consult having them about 2 nights a week--but his remaining episodes continued to be Phentermine online consult : very complex and pose a safety risk, such as falling down a flight of stairs. Therefore, he was phentermine online consult to put a door alarm on his bedroom door to fully awaken him and snap him out of any Sleepwalking episode. Safety first. On this show, as in the Oprah show, major portions of my DVD documentary film Sleep Runners ( were broadcast and credited, and my second book Sleep was mentioned. Go to the website to view this program and to read pertinent information.

Awareness of phentermine online consult Parasomnias has hit the national scene, and deservedly so since millions of people have these disorders that can wreak havoc on Phentermine online consult - their lives and on the lives of their loved ones. Fortunately, help is available, which is why I have written two books and produced and participated in a documentary non prescription phentermine 37.5 as resources of information for the Phentermine online consult : general public and for physicians and nurses, and others interested in this topic, such as attorneys who are involved in criminal phentermine online consult related to the Parasomnias.

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