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Sleepwalking and Night Terrors

This conversation took place during Cheap tramadol - the filming of our DVD documentary film, "Sleep Runners: The Stories Behind Everyday Parasomnias" (see the website Medicine online tramadol - that is Medicine online tramadol - linked to this website). A Deluxe Academic Edition of this DVD will be released later in July, cheap tramadol will contain more than 50 tramadol 50mg of sleep laboratory footage of parasomnia behaviors, including episodes of sleepwalking Medicine online tramadol : and sleep terrors. In addition, the Deluxe Academic DVD contains pdf files from the edited transcripts of Cheap tramadol : all 8 patients and spouses/parents from the original DVD, Sleep Runners, along cheap tramadol various chapters from my book Paradox Lost. My patient Jan, whose excerpted story is in my book, "Sleep: The Mysteries, The Problems, and The Solutions" (released in March 2007 by Penguin/Avery Press) has her recorded interview during the filming of the DVD transcribed and edited, and so all her remarkable descriptions and vignettes of life as a "parasomniac" that she shared are now available in this edited version. The essence of sleepwalking and night (sleep) terrors is contained in Jan's description of what she went through during most of her life, until she started taking a small, round pill at bedtime called clonazepam that at last turned her sleep around. (Clonazepam is a potent benzodiazepine anticonvulsant medication that suppresses the abnormal, precipitous arousal response from deep delta non-REM sleep that Cheap tramadol : results in sleepwalking and night terrors). Of course, she was first evaluated at our sleep disorders center and slept overnight in our lab under full physiologic cheap tramadol called "polysomnography" with time-synchronized, audio-visual monitoring. I then met with Jan again to review our findings, and cheap tramadol was at that point that I recommended clonazepam therapy, based on Jan's clinical and sleep lab findings along with the published medical literature in this area (i.e. the Parasomnias, the sleep-related behavior and experiential disturbances). Much of that published literature is based on our sleep center's cumulative experience. Jan has been doing much better since starting her medication therapy.

Jan n I was diagnosed with a severe adult sleepwalking disorder.

Brian n cheap tramadol early did you begin sleepwalking?

Jan n Early as I remember was four, that I began walking. I think I was probably walking since the time I could walk, doing the sleepwalking. What I remember when I was four years old when I was sleepwalking, tramadol 50mg a little younger, I Cheap tramadol - would wake up, turn on all the lights in the house, open all the doors, tramadol 50mg out for a walk and I actually donit remember it. My Cheap tramadol : mother told me about it, because they talk about tying me to my bed. And I did that throughout life. Sometimes I would run through the house and yell iCharge, the white horses are coming!!i or wake somebody up. Sometimes I would wake up in strange places, in closets or back porches, basements when I was Medicine online tramadol - younger and as I got older it got progressively Medicine online tramadol - worse--where I was trying to climb out of second floor windows. I always did a lot of talking, if people were around asking me things. It was like I living a dream I was having at the time I was really experiencing that dream.

Brian n Could you describe what that was like, having those dreams that feel like a mix between dream and reality?

Jan n I think one of the incidences where I was really living out the dream I was having is I had a friend that was in a building in my dream who Medicine online tramadol - needed to be saved, somebody was going to really harm her. So I was trying to pull the curtain rods off my window on the second floor to get into a door, I thought that was a door and Medicine online tramadol - it was barred shut and I was trying to get into the door to save her. And somehow I woke up or I would have been out that door and down a floor on the ground, but it was very real to me.

Brian n And did you get hurt over the years?

Jan n I woke up many times with bruises and Medicine online tramadol - cuts and bumps, and cheap tramadol knew where they came from because I didnit know what Iid done while I was sleeping. Of course I was always exhausted, Iid felt like Iid been run over by a Mac truck. I never felt good.

Brian n It started so early on, did you think that this was cheap tramadol the way that everybody slept? Or did you question things?

Jan n I thought my problems with the sleepwalking was funny at first, kind of comical, but then people outside the family would say there must be something emotionally wrong with Medicine online tramadol - me. cheap tramadol Psychologically wrong and that I should go to a doctor because Iim not normal. Theyid say, iYouire not normal, you should see a doctor.i Of course, I never did, but after a point in time, I thought itid be nice to see what a good nightis sleep felt like, so thatis when I decided to find some help. I never, with sleepwalking, never really sleep a deep sleep that people have. So I would be active almost nightly and Iid wake up always exhausted. I cheap tramadol sit Cheap tramadol - down to watch a show and fall asleep, go to a movie thatis really exiting and sleep through it. But the tramadol 50mg thing is that about the time that other people should be getting up and going to work in the morning, I could finally go to sleep for a while and then Iid wake up and be a half hour late and then show up at work five minutes late, and so my sleepwalking could cause other problems that way too.

Brian n So did you have Cheap tramadol : to have excuses to explain yourself?

Jan n I was leaving some fantastic excuses, coming up with all kinds of good things, but the real force that made me want to see if I could get help was Iid talked to a friend who had sleep apnea and who went through a sleep center and got help and could sleep all night, and I Cheap tramadol, thought that would really be wonderful if I could see what a good nights sleep was like.

Most of my dreams are people trying to chase me, running from someone trying to kill me, or trying to rescue someone. cheap tramadol I would also take my dogs for walks with me, and that was calm, cheap tramadol I donit think I had terrors at the time.

Brian n you said that youid find yourself outside the house; Cheap tramadol - do you have a story in particular that you could tell?

Jan n I would, when I was younger especially, when we lived by the capitol, I would go outside and go for a walk down the block and my mother would come after me after she realized I was up and out. But, I never remembered anything, I didnit wake up.

Brian n And what did the people around you think about all this? Medicine online tramadol - Where they afraid?

Jan n Cheap tramadol - My brothers, especially my younger brother who was at home with me in my teens and he was always afraid I was going to kill him along with his friends because of the weird look on your face that you get when youire walking. He said my eyes would be just bulged out and glazed over, wide open, but glazed over and my daughter tramadol 50mg the same thing. My daughter quit sleeping with me off and on when she was ten and as soon as she got a lock on the door, she locked it to keep me out, because I wake up in her closet and different things like that. So, she was scared.

It was my dreams and I didnit know how to control them.

When Iid go on trips or family outings, in fact my brothers would play with me in my sleep to get me to go, to get me active, so everybody thought that was a joke. Although Medicine online tramadol - I was always worried when Iid go on trips, I guess I did Medicine online tramadol - try to control it then because when I went on school trips or with other friends Iid try to stop that from happening and a lot of times, Iid spend the night awake to make sure I didnit sleepwalk and now I never stay in room with somebody else because of the things I do, out of fear of scaring them. I used to travel with a clogging group, and my cheap tramadol woke up with me pounding on the wall of the room next to us, yelling iTheyive got me, theyive got me, help, help me!i She jilted out of bed, I scared the daylights out of her and Iim pounding on the wall like mad and so she told me about it in the morning. I decided then I shouldnit sleep in a room with someone else.

Brian Cheap tramadol - n And aside from the walking, you rearranged your room one time?

Jan n Yeah, I woke up one time, I was a teenager and my dad had cheap tramadol a comment about my cheap tramadol being messy before I went to sleep and when I woke up Cheap tramadol - in the morning, I had two beds in the room, and cheap tramadol were both in the center of the room at that time, one was made, that was the one I went to bed in, the other had no sheets on it or anything, but I had unloaded my closets, all my shoes and books and everything onto that bed and I was sleeping under Cheap tramadol : them when I woke up and all the other furniture was in the center of the room too, the chest of drawers, the vanity and so I must have been cleaning.

Brian n Did you ever talk to the family doctor, or did you Cheap tramadol, get any professional advice prior to making it to the sleep center?

Jan - No, I never talked to anyone else about this except for the sleep center.

Brian n Where you interested in talking to someone about Cheap tramadol : this or were you scared about what they might say?

Jan n I never really gave it much thought about cheap tramadol to a doctor, because I thought heid probably cheap tramadol me I was nuts, so I just avoided the subject.

Brian n Could you tell the story about the cemetery that involved your daughter?

Jan n Shortly after I was divorced from my first husband, my daughter was sleeping with me. Cheap tramadol : She was about nine Cheap tramadol : or ten, I donit remember. She woke up to me sitting on tramadol 50mg edge Cheap tramadol, of the bed looking out the window. I had the shades drawn all the way, but when she woke up I had the shade up half way so I could see the cemetery across the road and I was talking to the people in the cemetery. She Cheap tramadol : said I was asking them who fed them, what they ate and if they ever got lonely, but the conversationOe it was a regular conversation she said, I would ask the question and then wait for a period of time like I was getting answers and then ask another question or sometimes Iid mainly answer them back. It was a regular conversation. When she woke up and heard this, she asked me if I was awake and I turned around and looked at her with my cheap tramadol eyes and said iYesi. So she left the room that night and never slept with me again. Because she was so scared about what was going on with that conversation and me.

Brian n You were telling us that you cheap tramadol find yourself awake but having to ground yourself and you couldnit tell where you were, or if you were awake or dreaming.

Jan n There were many times Iid Cheap tramadol - wake up in different parts of the house. And when Medicine online tramadol - I was younger we lived in a house that had a second floor and I would wake up, my bedroom was on the first floor, and I would wake up on the second floor. And sometimes I would be totally naked and I donit know why, but Iid look down to go downstairs to figure out where I was and Iid see an image of a shadow in a doorway and think there was someone out to get me, an image of a man.

I went out one night tramadol 50mg I was there at that house, and we had these dogs and tramadol 50mg multiplied and there were like 32 with all the puppies and I called them all in the house and then went cheap tramadol bed. Cheap tramadol, And the next day my dad took them all to some farm to get rid of them.

When I was a teenager and lived in Shoreview with my grandmother, it was a two-story house, my bedroom was on the first floor, but I woke up on second floor. I was totally naked and didnit have any idea of where I was or what I was doing up there and not really knowing or thinking that everyone Cheap tramadol - else in the house was asleep when I woke up, but I wanted to get back to my room and when I looked down there was an image of a shadow in the window, I thought it was a man who was out trying to catch me, and I saw his shadow in the second floor window too, so I just felt kind of imprisoned. So I felt that I couldnit leave the upstairs either and I didnit want to wake anybody up, everybody else was sleeping, so eventually Iid slide down the steps and Cheap tramadol - go to my room. Nobody in the house woke up to it, so it was just figuring out where I was and what was going on. Itis difficult when you wake up, because itis disorientating.

Itis happened many times, trying to figure out where Iim at, even in my Medicine online tramadol - own room walking, because I think Iim somewhere else in a dream and then I wake up and I canit find the door out or whatever because itis so disorienting.

Brian n thatis amazing.

Jan n Even with the family, my mother would try to wake me up and I threatened to punch her lights out one morning because she was trying to wake me up and Medicine online tramadol - Iid just gotten in a good sleep evidently. She didnit talk to me for weeks, cheap tramadol did she try to wake me up. I would say things, or dream things, and live them out around my spouses and make them angry from what Iid said during the night, or what Iid done. Theyid get angry when theyid wake up in morning and find all the lights on and the doors open and the TV on, and ask me why all the lights are on and the TVis on and I just couldnit answer them. I didnit know I was sleeping. I donit know what was going on. So, they would get very upset about that, and cheap tramadol I would yell and call them names.

I would sit up in the bed a lot and yell, of course disturbing othersi sleep. Cheap tramadol : I know there was a time my ex husband tried to get out of bed to go to work, and with all my force I pulled him back, and he was like iWhat are you doing?i and I said iYouire Cheap tramadol : falling out of bed!i He said, iIim going to work!i And I didnit remember any of it, and I was saying it, and he was upset about it, so it ended up where I got better sleep in a different room.

Brian n Not having other people around made you more comfortable?

Jan n I didnit worry about Cheap tramadol, things I would do then.

I take the medication about a half hour before I go to sleep. I try to stay awake that half hour. If I donit manage to Cheap tramadol, do that I go right into night terrors, so the best thing is for me to stay busy for a half hour. And then Iill think I can watch television for that half hour and then Iill wake up 8 hours later in the same position I sat down in, but I know I didnit walk then, so itis better sleep.

Usually Cheap tramadol : if Iim up too late I donit take the medication because I donit sleep it off and Iim really groggy the next day, but itis not cheap tramadol good choice because Iive gotten active those nights and end up with cuts on my legs with different bruises and not know how they got there.

I found myself in many situations where I was trying to Cheap tramadol - get cheap tramadol second floor windows or other things and it would scare Cheap tramadol, me when I woke up because sometimes I would wake up when I was doing that and not knowing where I was and then realizing what I was doing would be very scary and then the more I thought about it, the more scary it was. In fact, when I went through the sleep center I was going to take tramadol 50mg cruise, and I mentioned that to Dr. Schenck as another reason I came in and he said, cheap tramadol donit even want to know what people do on cruises!i So he was quite anxious to get me through the center and get me some medication.

When Iim stressed, the more stressed Cheap tramadol : I get, the more difficult it is. I increase my medication if I feel that Iim really stressed. Because a mild dose of medication wonit Medicine online tramadol : help me, so under stress I have to increase it quite a bit.

Brian n With some of these night terrors, are there ever themes that seem to be running through them - or certain things or places that you see regularly?

Jan n I have some that are often repeated, Cheap tramadol : Iim running away from people who are trying to kill me. Constantly running and trying to get away and thatis cheap tramadol spooky. Itis really realistic when I wake Cheap tramadol, up. I run into buildings and lock doors, but they still find me.

Brian n Are these locked doors and barricades things in your home that youire misinterpreting, like your closet is a castle door?

Jan n Yeah, I think that it looks like Medicine online tramadol, a different place even. I thought a window was a porthole on a ship in a dream at night, so, it takes on a different place. I have no idea where that came from, I had never been on a ship then. I donit know the images when my grandmother was staying with me and I was a teenager and Cheap tramadol, she woke up, she was in my room in another bed, but she woke up to me screaming and I was in the back of the ten foot deep closet filled with boxes and I was behind everything in the very back corner when tramadol 50mg had me. In my dream it was the Mafia. So, I donit know where that came from either. The family was going nuts trying to find me, because they couldnit find me in that closet, but they just heard me yelling.

B n Once you began the medication did it work tramadol 50mg quickly and how did it feel that first week?

Jan n I took effect pretty quickly and being able to take that medicine and know that I wonit be walking was a relief. It was scary that I was still sitting up and talking, but once I found that okay, I was okay with that.

Brian n cheap tramadol there anything in particular that youid like to share with the idea that cheap tramadol documentary will be going out to people who need help?

Jan n I think itis amazing how many people I talk to have a sleepwalking disorder and donit see it as a real disorder. They worry about their Medicine online tramadol, family members, but the person doing it tends to pass it off and laugh like I did for a Cheap tramadol, period of time. Itis nice to know that there is something you can do to control it and make yourself safe and I recommend that everyone go to the Hennepin sleep center and get help for it. Because they all agree that they feel like heck in the morning, they donit feel rested so, at least if youire not walking you feel much more rested.

Teddy n These images in your dreams, would they ever carry over into your waking life, Medicine online tramadol, for example, when you see a closet would you experience a deja vu sort of incident where you see things like you saw in your dreams?

J n Well, Oethroughout my life cheap tramadol seemed like I had a lot of deja vus. Often seemed like Iid done it before when I hadnit, when it was probably a dream I had. Or doing things in cheap tramadol house, feeling like I had done it before.

Teddy n Would some of these things scare you where you were scared in your house, like the closet while you were awake?

Jan n cheap tramadol never, the closet didnit cheap tramadol me when I woke up, itid be the reality of what the dream was, I might be scared of that. The house Iim at now I donit have shades on the window and itis not very often Iim scared unless I have a dream and I wake up and feel like I have to cover every window up. So, sometimes I hang sheets on the windows, but no, Iim not scared of the place.

Teddy n One other question, when growing up and people started to respond to your disorder, how did it make you feel to have them act this way, you Cheap tramadol - yourself not knowing what was going on?

Jan n Usually people, when I would wake up from my tramadol 50mg disorder, they would laugh about it and I would feel kind of foolish, because I didnit know what the heck went on. Kind of like being made a joke, youire the brunt of a joke and that was kind of weird and sometimes I would laugh, but then I didnit find out until my daughter was a teenager that she was really scared of me. And that made me feel really bad that she would have these fears, and she still doesnit sleep in the house with me now. Not since sheis moved out and married she doesnit sleep overnight but my granddaughter has. She talks about waking up to me telling her what a lovely dress she had on and things, but she doesnit sleep here much.

Teddy n Looking back on Medicine online tramadol - these things, do you accept it as part of your life and not get too frustrated about it any more as a problem?

Jan n The only time I think of the sleep disorder as a problem is when I travel. Especially when cheap tramadol want to throw me in a room with people I donit know, cause I wonit do that.

Iive really come Cheap tramadol, to terms with the sleepwalking disorder. But I am very worried when I stay at other places, with friends or family, and they are too. They are scared, I think they stay awake half the night waiting for me to get up. If I travel I take single rooms because I do not want to be put in that situation and I would not rest if I was put with someone else.

Teddy Cheap tramadol : n and the medications have worked.

Jan n If I take the medication I do not get up and walk. I may sit up and yell at somebody or call them into the room, but I donit walk or run through the house yelling, iCharge! The white horses are coming!i any longer.

Brian n and you were saying that quite often?

Jan n From the time I could walk I think, and my brothers still talk about it, it scared them to death.

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