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REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

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(violent, complex dream-enactment usually affecting pleasant, non-aggressive men in their late middle-age and older years)

RBD Story V, from my book buying viagra Lost: Midnight In The Battleground Of Sleep And Dreams"

Buy cheapest online viagra : THE WAR WITHIN

Buy cheapest online viagra - BAD CHEMISTRY



Introduction by Carlos H. Schenck, M.D.

An intriguing question is posed by this man's story: was his RBD triggered by visiting areas buying viagra Germany where he had fought in World War II, or was it simply a coincidence? He denies having been injured in the war, and he denies any war-related flashbacks or nightmares, or any other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, at the beginning of the interview, he comments that it was "fun" to go back to Germany to the same area I fought in World War II, to see what the cities and towns looked like now. The combat dreams he experienced Buy cheapest online viagra - buy cheapest online viagra his RBD were not memories of his combat experience, but rather buy cheapest online viagra formed combat dreams that utilized World War II as a backdrop. Therefore, the severe, military-type dreams emerging with his RBD may have simply reflected his subsequent visit to Germany and thinking about the war, rather than a powerful unleashing of traumatic combat memories.

What is clear is that, for this man, distinctly altered dreaming was linked with the emergence of abnormal dream-enacting behaviors. buy cheapest online viagra This is a Cialis generic generic pill viagra vs - nearly universal finding in RBD, and raises fascinating questions about the association of dream generators and motor pattern (i.e. behavioral) generators in the brain. Furthermore, subsequent control of abnormal RBD behaviors with clonazepam therapy in this man was also linked with control of abnormal RBD dreams. This, Buy cheapest online viagra, too, is a very common finding in RBD.

What motivated this man to seek help at our center was the desire to once again be able to sleep together with his wife in the same bed, and to be able to travel buying viagra the embarrassment caused by his screaming, uttering loud profanities, and thrashing around during sleep. He was quite bothered by how his RBD had interfered with his marital intimacy and with his social life. He had become very disgusted with himself over the loss of self-control during sleep, and he wanted to do something about it.

Interestingly, he assumed (quite accurately) that there must be something in the chemical make-up of my body buy cheapest online viagra making me have these wild dreams. In contrast, he did not believe he had post-traumatic Buy cheapest online viagra, stress disorder, even though he had been evaluated at a Veteran's hospital for this condition.

Finally, this man and his wife identified that eating chocolate ice cream late at night was a trigger for having another RBD episode. A Buy cheapest online viagra : number of other patients with RBD have Buy cheapest online viagra, made similar observations: eating fatty foods, drinking too much caffeine, and consuming heavy meals shortly before going to bed are also identified as risk factors. Therefore, diet can modulate the clinical expression of RBD in some patients: a wild eating, sleeping, and dreaming nexus.




Interview with R.N. (62 year-old married man)

PT: buying viagra This started roughly nine and a half years ago, after my wife and I came back from a vacation in Germany. I thought it would be fun going back to the same area I fought in during World War II, to see what the cities and towns looked like now. Anyhow, after I started having problems with my sleep, I knew this Dr. Peterson ever buy cheapest online viagra I was a kid. I knew that during World War II, he was a psychiatrist at Fort Leavenworth. So when I first started having these problems, I went to see him because I knew he had past experience with war-related mental problems.

PT: Buy cheapest online viagra, Buy cheapest online viagra : Buy cheapest online viagra - I started having real severe, military-type dreams which were very violent. I cut my head open one night from banging against the wall during these dreams. I had ten stitches that went up my forehead. I also have slammed my fist against the wall buying viagra swung out and broke a lamp next to the bed. I kicked a hole in the wall. This other side of my head, I cut that up but I didn't have any stitches.

PT: So some of these were real violent, and at that time my wife and I were sharing the same bed. Finally, after five years, it got so bad that I was really afraid I was going to hurt her. So then we went Buy cheapest online viagra - into separate beds. Two or three nights a week, Iid have these terrible outbursts. There were times when Iid be having these dreams with almost constant movement of my arm.

MD: Now initially, would you just have the nightmares or were you also able buying viagra move around during the nightmares?

PT: During the nightmares, I would sit up in bed, Iid be screaming and hollering and moving around, swinging my arms and legs freely. Very seldom did I Buy cheapest online viagra, stand up. It was mostly sitting and then falling over.

MD: When you would wake up, how would you feel?

PT: Iid feel very disgusted with myself, because it had been going on for so long. My wife would say, "Are you okay?" And I'd say buy cheapest online viagra a disgruntled voice, "I guess so,i and Iid lay down and go back to sleep. Iid never have any trouble going back to sleep.

MD: You were disgusted for what reasons?

PT: I didnit know. At that period of time, mostly the dreams had to do with the military. Situations that I was in. Then it gradually crept into some work-related problems. Then a combination of both. I wouldnit say buying viagra sure, but it came on six months after we came back from our vacation in Germany.

MD: buy cheapest online viagra Would you be the aggressor or would somebody else be the aggressor toward you?

PT: I think Buy cheapest online viagra, generally I was on the defensive.

MD: Buy cheapest online viagra, Whoid be attacking you?

PT: Germans. I had one dreamoif you want to hear a short story: I was a member of the military police down in Campbell, Kentucky. buy cheapest online viagra was a cave outside of town that was quite a notorious trouble spot. We were called out there because some woman had broken beer bottles. There were hundreds of American soldiers tanked up and having a good time. Any time the soldiers have contact with military police, theyire very resentful. So we Buy cheapest online viagra : showed up and they were very hostile. I think there were six of us. But as soon as we showed up, hostilities started showing in groups of these soldiers, and they threatened us. We were scared.

PT: Finally, we found a small lake under the cave there. Some of these guys caught up with us and they had me on the ground. I was kicking, trying to get away from them, and I eventually, with my feet, pushed them into the lake, and I got up and the whole bunch of us ran, took off, with the soldiers after us.

MD: When buying viagra woke up, where were you?

PT: In bed, sitting up, kicking.

MD: Do you recall any other dreams?

PT: Yes: I was still with the military police in Germany. This dream was right after the infantry or the tanks Buy cheapest online viagra : would Buy cheapest online viagra : move in and weid be right behind them, taking prisons. Anyhow, we found an old, small garage or barn on a farm late at night. So we went in there to go to bed. During the night, I donit know if it was an Buy cheapest online viagra - American tank or a German tank, but it came through the field right next to the Cialis generic generic pill viagra vs - shed that we were in. I can still hear the sound of that tank. When a tank is revved up, the noise is just deadly. I can still hear that tank noise right next to the building where we were sleeping and so closeoit that things would have hit the building.

PT: Another dream involved a situation buy cheapest online viagra maybe buy cheapest online viagra have a guilt complex. An army buddy and Cialis generic generic pill viagra vs : buy cheapest online viagra took off in a jeep, which we werenit buy cheapest online viagra to do. So we came upon this farm and they had this little family chapel, a little church holding six or eight people right next to the road and thereis a little bridge with a stream running underneath. My buddy disappeared, so I started looking around and I walked over to where this chapel door buy cheapest online viagra and I opened it up, and it had a lean-to in this little church, and I opened that up too. There were two German soldiersoone was leaned up against on of those wood ox carts and the other one was lying up above on the hay. I just took it for granted that the guys were German, just from Cialis generic generic pill viagra vs : experience. It didnit scare me.

PT: I just closed the door back buy cheapest online viagra and started walking back to where my buddy was, and I saw a Cialis generic generic pill viagra vs : wire on the ground. So I traced the wire to very near the haystack where I was and here was a plunger for dynamite. Then I followed the wire back to the little bridgeoit wasnit a very big bridge, with only a little stream running by. I didnit disconnect that dynamic. But I keep wonderingoit was a very eerie feeling. Most of the time when I get Buy cheapest online viagra, these nightmares, Iid actually be talking in a loud voice or hollering or screaming.

MD: How about Cialis generic generic pill viagra vs, before your sleep disorder began, before the nightmares?

PT: Not really, no talk Buy cheapest online viagra : in my sleep.

PT: The only reason Iive come this far to Minneapolis is that I want to try to get this problem solved. Iid like to have continuously good sleep and be able to move back and share the bed with my wife. I talked to my doctor and told him,

Now there must be something in the chemical make-up of my body thatis making me have these wild dreams. It appears tome that there should be a medicine that is available.i So thatis why buy cheapest online viagra to this point here. There has to be buy cheapest online viagra medicine that can get me back on the right track. I saw this Buy cheapest online viagra : Dr. Peterson and he suggested I do down to the VA Center buy cheapest online viagra it sounded like a military phrase usedOe

MD: Post-traumatic stress disorder.

PT: So I went down to the Veterans Hospital buy cheapest online viagra I talked to a buy cheapest online viagra there and all-told four doctors. Itis gotten to the point where my wife and I hate to go and stay overnight at anybodyis house, because sometimes I wake up using profanity. At motels, buying viagra afraid that in the middle of the night Iim going to be screaming and the people next to our room would hear me.

MD: Yes. I think your point is well taken. You want to be able to travel with your wife Buy cheapest online viagra - and be able to visit other people without embarrassment or potential buy cheapest online viagra I can understand that.

PT: That brings up Buy cheapest online viagra - chocolate ice cream. Every time buy cheapest online viagra have it late at night, and also cookies, my wife says I end up having bad moving nightmares. So I really cut back on my ice cream intake, about half anyway.

MD: Caffeineowhich buy cheapest online viagra in chocolateohas been reported to either induce or aggravate RBD sleep behavior disorder, which buy cheapest online viagra the name of your sleep disorder.

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