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Mon 08 Sep 2008

Recent Appearance Cheap hydrocodone without prescription - on ABC-TV Primetime in a show on "Sleep-Eating"

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On August 19, 2008 I appeared with two patients suffering from sleep-eating. The show focused on cheap hydrocodone without prescription various problems (including weight gain) associated with alcohol hydrocodone nightly, out-of-control eating, but happily the therapy consisting of the bedtime use of the medication Topiramate (brand name Topamax) was quite beneficial in controlling the nocturnal eating in Cheap hydrocodone without prescription, both patients. Topiramate is an anticonvulsant medication that has been demonstrated Cheap hydrocodone without prescription, to suppress abnormal eating urges both during the day and at night, and studies from our sleep center and from another sleep center in Boston have found that two-thirds of sleep-eating patients respond very well to this medication. Of interest in the ABC-Primetime program is that my patient Amy also had Restless Legs syndrome (RLS) besides sleep-eating, and both conditions have afflicted her throughout her life--beginning amazingly during her prenatal life. As explained in my book, RLS is often a familial disorder in which the legs feel uncomfortable and start jumping around when a person feels drowsy and is preparing to fall asleep in the evening. The Cheap hydrocodone without prescription : usual way to relieve the discomfort is to get out of bed and move around, but this is incompatible with falling asleep. I call this "Sleepless Walking." RLS is a common cause of insomnia and it is not uncommonly associated with sleep-eating. RLS usually is controlled with dopamine-enhancing medication taken at bedtime. Dopamine is a chemical neuro-transmitter that Hydrocodone with prescription, appears to be be diminished in the brain in RLS sufferers. Sometimes other medications, even opiates, need to be used to achieve satisfactory control of the symptoms.

My book Paradox Lost has a chapter with Amy's story, as told by Amy and her mother Shirley. It is a fascinating and unique story, as the RLS began with Amy kicking her mother like the dickens for several months Hydrocodone with prescription, before she was born! (Shirley worried what her daughter would be like alcohol hydrocodone entering the world). Then besides her RLS kicking up its heels every evening, making it cheap hydrocodone without prescription for Amy to fall asleep, she had the urge to eat every night, and both these problems wreaked havoc on Amy and her sleep, but also on her mother's evening and nighttime life. She presented to see me at our sleep disorders center during the summer before she was to leave for her college studies in Wisconsin, and she was concerned about what her roommate would cheap hydrocodone without prescription about her strange sleep behaviors. (This is not an uncommon scenario for high school graduates to come for help at our sleep center before leaving for college). Amy is Cheap hydrocodone without prescription, doing quite well with a combination of two medications alcohol hydrocodone at bedtime: topiramate for her sleep-eating, and the dopamine-enhancer pramipexole for her RLS.

Paradox Lost has a number of different sleep-eating stories (variations on a theme), and I have a chapter describing the various therapies available to alleviate this condition. These stories, along with the many other Parasomnia stories in my book, are truly timeless, since people have had these sleep-related problems for centuries and probably for millenia, Cheap hydrocodone without prescription - without any formal recognition and without any scientific knowledge about how to evaluate and alleviate these conditions. It is very cheap hydrocodone without prescription that sufferers of sleep-eating and also alcohol hydrocodone legs syndrome felt great shame and also were considered to have psychological (or spiritual-religious) problems (or even farther back in time, demon-posssession) as the basis for the sleep ailments.

The available beneficial therapies cheap hydrocodone without prescription the Parasomnias have not changed since Paradox Lost alcohol hydrocodone published, and so with the universal stories contained within its covers, Paradox Lost remains cheap hydrocodone without prescription current book.

The ABC-Primetime show featured video segments from our sleep lab of sleep-eating that came from Deluxe Academic Edition of our DVD documentary film, "Sleep Runners: The Stories Behind Everyday Parasomnias", which is available from alcohol hydrocodone website linked to this website There is a 5 minute trailer on the website. So check it out!

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