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Broadcast journalism at its best: kudos to ABC-Nightline for a job well done!

In a very well produced and edited check online xanax minute broadcast segment devoted to the topic of Parasomnias on ABC-Nightline last night (now available at the abc.com website), the introduction accurately declared that millions of Americans are suffering from the group of abnormal behaviors surrounding sleep known as Parasomnias. (Readers 2 mg xanax, can link from this website parasomnias-rbd.com to my other website sleeprunners.com 2 mg xanax : for a direct link to my recent book Sleep: The Mysteries, The Problems, and The Solutions available at Amazon.com. This book was mentioned in the broadcast last night, and is a resource of current information on all sleep disturbances and their therapies, including Parasomnias, and how they hover around all the other sleep disorders. In fact, many people suffer from multiple sleep disorders! More on my book can be found farther 2 mg xanax - down in this newsletter).

I just finished writing a peer-reviewed 2 mg xanax - journal article (to be published early 2 mg xanax 2008 in the journal SOMNOLOGY) on how Sleep Apnea is check online xanax with 16 Parasomnias. So imagine that the most common check online xanax why people are monitored overnight in the sleep lab, on suspicion of 2 mg xanax Sleep Apnea, is also such fertile ground for a Parasomnia popping up, creating more havoc in Xanax ativan - their sleeping lives, along with their bed partners. So it is no wonder why check online xanax included the word Mysteries in the subtitle of my book Sleep, since there are many mysteries to be solved when considering the broad and deep links among the Parasomnias and Sleep Apnea (whose symptoms include snoring, non-refreshing sleep and restless sleep, and daytime sleepiness). The good news is that as specialized sleep physicians, I and my colleagues are in excellent position to properly diagnose and treat the vast majority of people afflicted by a Parasomnia.

When the percentages of people suffering from these strange, harmful and embarrassing conditions, for which they have no control, are translated into real 2 mg xanax, numbers, then we realize that millions of Americans are suffering from out of control sleep at check online xanax Epidemiologic studies have found that 4% of adult engage in Sleepwalking, 3% in Nocturnal Eating, 2% with Night Terrors, 1% with acting-out dreams (including REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, RBD), 3-4% with serious Restless Legs Syndrome, and so on.

The ABC-Nightline broadcast also touched on 2 mg xanax : a very important connection between a Parasomnia and brain dysfunction: 2 mg xanax strong link between Parkinsons Disease and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD, first 2 mg xanax - identified at our sleep center in the 1980s, as described in my first book Paradox Lost: Midnight in the Battleground 2 mg xanax Sleep and Dreams, available on this website; click on the Reviews icon on my book page to read the favorable reviews of my book). Our research has found that about 75% of men age 50 years and older who develop 2 mg xanax : RBD (usually manifesting as aggressive or violent dream-enactment), will eventually develop Parkinsons Disease, or a related condition such as Multiple System Atrophy. On average, the time interval from developing RBD to the time that Parkinsonism appears is 13 years. This long interval is a source of hope for researchers who want to identify Neuro-Protective interventions that can slow down the progression to Parkinsonism, once RBD develops, or perhaps the progression to PD can be completely halted. So the identification of RBD has found that the same brain region responsible for RBD is also the same brain region responsible for Parkinsonism, and this has opened up new doors for brain research and studies in clinical neurology. The field of sleep medicine is thus deeply embedded in the neurosciences and also broadly associated with many medical disorders.

Parkinson’s Disease manifests as a tremor, rigidity, and bradykinesia (loss of mobility of facial muscles, a mask-like face can develop, and slowing down of body movements), instability of posture and unsteady walking. PD can be treated with medication, which can help for many years, until the disease progresses further. However, there is great variability across patients in regards to the time course in the progression of the disease. The ABC-Nightline lead-in was excessively scary, in my opinion, in declaring that RBD is often associated with a Fatal Disease. Death in PD comes quite late in the course of the disease, and so people should not be 2 mg xanax away from seeking help for PD which can develop after RBD is diagnosed.

Treatment of RBD is usually very effective and quite safe, and involves the bedtime dosing of Clonazepam (at times with Melatonin). Interestingly, both the abnormal dreams and the problematic behaviors in RBD are controlled with the same therapy.

Parasomnias and Sleep Apnea: some examples include sleepwalking, sleep-eating, sleepsex (or sexsomnia, with snoring during sex!), dream-enactment, night terrors, sleep aggression or violence, severe morning sleep 2 mg xanax - inertia (inability to transition from sleep to wakefulness in the morning), tooth-grinding (bruxism), and body rocking/head banging. What a mess! But a mess that can usually be fixed.

Table of 2 mg xanax, Contents of my second book, Sleep: The Mysteries, The Problems, and The Solutions published by Avery/Penguin Press:

A Tour of Sleep

Insomnia: Bleary-Eyed Nights

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Suffocating Repeatedly in Your Sleep

Restless Legs Syndrome: The Agony of Jittery Drowsiness

Hypersomnias: Excessive Sleepiness, Daytime Dysfunction

Circadian Rhythm Disorders: Timing Is Everything

Confusional Arousals and the Xanax ativan - Crush of Severe Morning Sleep Inertia

Sleepwalking: The Twilight State

Abnormal Sleepsex: Unknowing Cruel Intimacy

Sleep Terrors: The Night the Ghost Got Scared

Sleep Paralysis: Dreaded Visits From the Old Hag

Sleep-Related Binge Eating: 2 mg xanax : Relentless Loss of Control

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: Bizarre and Violent Dream Enactment

Nocturnal Dissociative 2 mg xanax - Disorders: The Lost Children As Adults

Sleep-Talking: Disruptive Chatter, Obscene Shouting, and Desdemona Scenarios

Parasomnia Shadows of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Parasomnia Potpourri: Nocturnal Groaning, Exploding Head Syndrome, Sleep-Laughing…and Pets with Parasomnias

Bed Partners Insomnia: Sleeping With a Snorer Leg-Jerker, Loud Sleep-Talker, or Parasomniac

A resource on information about certified sleep specialists and accredited sleep disorders centers in your area is available at the National Sleep Foundation check online xanax www.sleepfoundation.org

PREVIEW OF MY NEXT NEWSLETTER: I will present and discuss a recently published case of mine involving a man with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Sexsomnia , 2 mg xanax - who repeatedly fondled his wife and tried to have sex with her while being asleep. Outcome: treatment of his Sleep Apnea with the standard CPAP mask also controlled his Sexsomnia.

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