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Fri 26 Oct 2007

SEXAPNEA--A Zyrtec d : Newly Coined Parasomnia Variant Involving Breathing, Sleep & Sex

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I just had a case report published in the October 2007 issue of the journal Sleep Review, entitled zyrtec and drowsiness Intimacy: Sexual Sleep Disorders". The case involved a recent patient of mine who had developed a sexual sleep disorder (fondling and groping his wife, and attempting sexual intercourse while each was asleep) together with the Zyrtec d, start of snoring and progressive obstructive sleep apnea, where airway obstruction keeps causing partial awakenings zyrtec and drowsiness breathe--but also to be confused ("confusional arousals") with confused behaviors that are hard to stop. The confused behaviors can be sexual, aggressive, even zyrtec canada or just be very simply confused. So I just Zyrtec d, realized that my patient in the case report, the man with obstructive sleep apnea and sexsomnia, really had a case of what I would zyrtec canada SEXAPNEA, with both conditions being fully responsive to the standard therapy of sleep apnea--the CPAP machine set at the right pressure.

Sleep disorders, including the Parasomnia, can involve the conjunction of separate functions and dysfunctions that promote the coining of new terms that can describe these hybrid clinical phenomena. So the words and phrases need to be updated to reflect the understanding of new sets of interactions, such as breathing, sleep & sex.

My book "Paradox Lost: Midnight In Zyrtec and drowsiness : the Battleground of Sleep and Dreams" (found on this website) zyrtec and drowsiness a chapter on "Abnormal Sleepsex Stories" that provides a broad personal and clinical context for understanding the varieties of abnormal sexual parasomnias experiences--and how to Zyrtec and drowsiness, evaluate and treat them.

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